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אריאל: “מי שלא חייב – שלא ירוץ לקנות דירה” – חדשות הנדל”ן – ynet Just yesterday I was talking about poor sales in real estate. Now Minister Ariel recommends waiting. He has already shared his insider information with us (see previous post)....
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Programs, get your programs

Rumors of stupid government programs have once again placed a funk on the market, and there are few real-estate transactions right now. Amongst the programs that won’t change anything are: 0% VAT, 90% mortgages for first time buyers, and target price. All are populist laws and/or programs being purported by different parties to show that they are doing something. These well-intentioned people got voted into positions of power based upon their promises of change, but are unfortunately way out of their league in terms of ability to actually change anything. Respectively the programs are being advanced by There is a Future (Yesh Atid), Yisrael is our House (Yisrael Beitenu), and the Jewish House(HaBayit Hayehudi) (amazingly I can’t find a website for this movement, if you know of...
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