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New home sales up 17% in April – Globes

New home sales are up, and the prices are remaining stable. What happened to the plan for cheap housing? New home sales up 17% in April – Globes: If you read the article, you will see that the inventory is also increasing, which is very important. In the meantime the Euro continues its freefall. I think that it still has long way down to go. Your best investment strategy right now might be to buy an Israeli property with Euro-indexed debt. Not for everyone,  but a great idea for many.  ...
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mixed signals, high prices

There continue to be many mixed signals about the real estate and mortgage markets. Here is a quick summary, and then my analysis. Key points: The amount for mortgages in March has increased greatly (up over 14%). The average mortgage loan taken has increased greatly. The Bank of Israel will take measures to ensure that real estate prices don’t drop. Home sales are still down sharply, and only a fraction of what they were a year ago. The Bank of Israel core lending rate remains stable at 2.5%, and the prime rate remains 4%. Inflation in March was announced as 0.4%. Israel is entering an election cycle. Doesn’t it sound like some of these headlines contradict the others? The secret is that a huge...
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