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Why are they fishing for an article about real estate prices?

I’m not quite sure why journalists decide to write what they do in the manner that they do it. Take a look at this headline in Globes: Home price rise slows sharply in large towns. You don’t even need to read the article to understand that they’re trying to not say anything. It’s probably just a trendy thing. Did anyone really think that the rise in prices would hasten? It’s winter, and last year saw a huge jump. Perhaps there a slight feeling of remorse amongst real estate journalists that their former hyperbolization of previous modest gains may have actually contributed to the rise in expectations, and hence prices. Maybe now they’re trying to help bring down prices For a more interesting insight, try this article (I only...
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israeli mortgage

The Real Israeli Mortgage Rules #3: what you think is unimportant

I can’t stress enough that what you think counts for nothing. We hear stuff like this all of the time: We thought that we would get the money paid directly to us The house next door was sold for 2M, so this house must be worth (forget about rumors, you can check the real contract amount of recent transactions here) But according to our contract we need the money last week We thought that the bank would do ——- and instead they did ======= Flowing sewage: you might think that this is disgusting, but it is of no importance. Sewers have saved more lives and enhanced quality of life more than all medicines. Next time yousmell the wonder, take a moment to be thankful...
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