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כלכליסט – הכסף – רק תחתום: השוואה בין החברות לייעוץ משכנתאות

Thank heavens someone has finally written this article. I’m glad that I’m not mentioned in it. This is an article about the different “mortgage advisors” in Israel. כלכליסט – הכסף – רק תחתום: השוואה בין החברות לייעוץ משכנתאות I love reading this. I’ve archived this article to keep and look back over and over again. These companies understand very little about finance. They understand mainly about how to spend 3000 shekels a day on google ads and employ an army of telemarketers. We work completely differently than any of the companies listed in this article. With us, each client is a VIP, enjoying our full attention, service, and the soundest financial advice available. Each client gets the most appropriate loan to his particular circumstances....
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quick update

I’ve had some complaints that I haven’t written for a few weeks. Unfortunately, my partner Oded’s son has been in a very bad car accident, and he has been in the hospital for the past two weeks. Please pray for Tomer ben Liza as he continues to fight for his life.   In better news, my son Dagan Yohanan was born and entered into the covenant of our father Avraham. Pictured here: me, my father, son and mohel. Between the joy and sorrow, we’ve been swamped with work and are trying to service all of our clients. If you left us a message, please be patient. Updates soon....
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