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פישר: אין בועת נדל”ן

I saw this today on the good old Ynet: Ynet פישר: “אין בועת נדל”ן – המחירים עלו רק במעט” – כלכלה For those of you Hebrew-challenged or not inclined to read the whole article, the gist of it is that BoI Governor Fisher understands economics. He says that the price of real estate is reasonable and simply reflects supply and demand. While there are some ideas out there about how to lower prices, none of them have much validity and will have little impact in the near term. It’s also likely that massive new projects will be mainly for Haredi areas, as they suffer from the greatest lack of supply. I think that new flats are expensive, but, like Fisher, I don’t see any...
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Experts, Experts, come and get your Experts

Have you noticed how everyone has all of a sudden become a mortgage expert? Even I used to call myself one. That was before it became so trite as to mean nothing. It all started with bank Mizrahi Tefahot, offering you a “free consultation with a mortgage expert”. The other banks were soon to follow. Depending upon which radio station you listen too, you might even hear commercials for consultations with experts from Bank Discount and Mishkan (Poalim’s mortgage division). The word expert carries with it a connotation of formal...
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