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Someone forgot to tell them that the recession is over

Sometimes I read the business news and I wonder if these guys understand what they’re talking about. Take this gem from Kalkalist for instance. Is the job of the reporter really to regurgitate what some government official says? So here’s the news that you won’t get from them. The recession is over, or at least it has hit its lowest point. This brief little recession wouldn’t even have registered on the history of business cycles if it weren’t for ridiculous government programs, mainly in the USA, propping it up. “Saving jobs” and “saving industries” is just government lingo for more programs and government controls that will only hurt everyone in the long-run. Here are some facts: Inflation is back. Most of you probably missed...
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They finally found a way to lower Tel Aviv Real Estate Values!

I came across this jewel today on Globes. The CEO of Nitevei Ayalon, the company who builds and runs the eponymous highway, thinks that we need to have congestion charges in Tel Aviv. From reading the article, it appears to me that this guy really means tolls, but says congestion charge because he thinks that it’s the sexy buzz word in international urban planning. Starting in London about five years ago, congestion charges have lit the world of corrupt local politicians aflame. They finally found a way to milk the only productive people left...
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