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Mortgages – Higher Fees for Mortgages

Don’t be alarmed, these fees are in the US, not Israel. Still it is interesting to pay attention to trends in the States, at times they tend to find their way to Israel. From the NY Times:Mortgages – Higher Fees for Mortgages Take a look at the current rates in the New York region: Anyone who has been considering a mortgage in Israel will be shocked by how high these rates appear. The new fees detailed in the article are expected to raise these rates by about half a percent on average. For a 15 year loan, in the States one should expect to pay 7% interest. In Israel, we do much better than this. We also have a much wider range of programs...
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All sorts of inflation

Once again the centeral bureau of statistics is reporting on inflation, inflation, and more inflation . This month there was another killer, 1.1% for the consumer price index. Scroll down to page 13 and take a look at the 12 month rolling numbers. We’ve been running at about 5% for some time now.The worst kick, for those of you with contracts for homes under construction, the inflation was 1.6% . The graph on the right is provided courtesy of the central bureau of statistics and show the building index. Every case is different, and you should always consult your qualified Israeli Mortgage Expert....
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Real Estate prices are plummetting in Haifa

It’s great to be back. Take a look at this article in Globes. Believe it or not, there are places in Israel where the prices of real estate. Haifa is the worst hit. Prices in the center continue to rise. Haifa looks like a great investment opportunity right now. For those interested in real estate as an ivestment, the best deals are the cheap ones. The expensive ones don’t go up as much. From that same article in Globes, the smaller apartments appreciated the most. So now you can buy three apartments in Haifa or five in Lod for the price of one in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. You have both a better return on investment from the rent and much more room for...
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