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Women buying real estate

In this article the tastefully named Ariel Rosenberg (I used to have that name myself in the bad old days of exile) explains that women are now buying apartments. I’ve even had a few single women clients myself. Read the article to find amazing facts about property habits. He says 64% of real estate purchase decisions are made by women. My experience is that it is closer to 95% women decide on the property and 96% men decide on the financing. Always use an Israeli Mortgage Professional...
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The View from the UK

I’m in the UK right now on family matters. I’m trying to get a little bit of business done also. The financial and business sections of the newspapers are fulling of the looming mortgage crisis here. The banks in Israel take consumers for a ride, and usually sell them bad products. But at least you don’t know anyone or even know anyone who knows anyone with a foreclosure. However bad they might be, the banks are cautious and make good loans. Every case is different, and you should always consult your qualified Israeli Mortgage Expert....
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Israeli Mortgages sure look good

Israeli Mortgages sure look good. I have heard many complaints about Israeli mortgages from various Anglos. Most of them are way off. I used to be an American mortgage broker, so I still occasionally get product announcements. Take a look at this one: We know business is slowing down and it’s getting harder to close loans. Let GMC Mortgage Capital be your OASIS of liquidity in these arid times… Check out our amazing RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL programs !! RESIDENTIAL Mid-Credit Score 400 + LTV 65% Loan Amounts $150,000+ Rates Starting at 10.99% Loan Type 1/29 or 2/28 ARM – Interest Only first 5 years Broker Fees NO restrictions – (up to legal limits) Doc Type(s) Stated/Stated, Lite Doc, Full Doc Timeframe ~7-14 days State...
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exchange rates

עוד 13 חודשים והשקל מתחזקת

שלמה מעוז: “בעוד 13 חודשים יתחיל מהלך התחזקות רציני As I write these lines, the shekel is trading around $0.25. According to this finance expert, in a year from now, it will be trading closer to $0.20. If you agree with him, and think that what he says is correct (please read his article carefully), then you can wipe away a huge portion of what you owe the bank. Do you owe the bank 600,000 NIS? Next year you might be owing them only 450,000 NIS if you carefully do what we say. Israeli Mortgage Professionals don’t talk about interest, that is the amateurs’ field of play. We are here to ensure your long-term wealth....
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Why is everyone talking about the Dollar?

This question is only half rhetorical. Everyone in Israeli real estate speaks about the dollar (US) because more often than not real estate here is traded in dollars. (A few months ago I explained that a portion of the rising real estate values in Israel is the weak dollar. The market has adjusted to shekels, only it doesn’t know it.) OK, so we watch the dollar and love to hate it, and all in all we can do almost nothing about it. Can it help you make money? Maybe it can. We’re always thinking about dollar-shekel exchange rates, but banks in Israel also make loans based upon the Euro. Maybe we should ask: how come nobody talks about the Euro? The astute investor can...
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